Sunday, 2 May 2010

Cold weather kills it

Sunday 2nd May

Headed out to Tamworth again today, again with Bream and Tench in mind. After the recent warm weather it came as a bit of a shock this mornng to go outside to a biting cold wind, even so i was still confident of a bite or two.
I got to the lake and seeing as i had the whole 14 acres to myself i spent 20 minutes scanning it for signs of fish. The wind was really cutting across towards me and bloody cold to boot. There was also some heavy looking rainclouds rolling in so, after seeing absolutely nothing, i headed for the opposite bank and hopefully a bit of shelter.

After a couple of hours with nothing to show for my efforts i decided to scale my end tackle down a notch to try and buy a bite. Shortly afterwards a fast take on the right hander saw me land a nice Tufted Duck of about 3lb, not a personal best but it put up a good scrap!
After this it was a couple of hours before i had a series of bleeps which developed into nothing so i put it down to a liner. A phone call from the wife told me there was a roast lamb dinner on the go back home so i decided to cut my losses and head back.
The trip wasnt in vain though, i learnt a little bit more about the place which is something i try to get from every session, even the blank ones. Its all part of the jigsaw which will hopefully be rewarded sooner or later.

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