Monday, 31 May 2010

Little bars of gold

Sunday 30th May
Ok, i know i said id be concentrating all my efforts on getting a decent Tench till the river season starts but today i found myself with a brief window for a fishing trip and decided on a quick evening session on a local club water. On the water in question theres always the outside chance of a Tench or a Bream but the Carp are most likely to get to the bait first.
With this fact in mind i geared up and baited up ready for a Carp or two. The rods were still rigged up from yesterdays Tench session so i baited each one with the same pellet/boilie combo which did the damage with the Tench.

To cut a long story short i ended up hooking 5 and landing 4. None were bigger than 8-9lb but all were little gems, each was fin perfect in every way and fat as butter to boot. Id love to see a 20lber from the venue thats for sure.

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