Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Heat is on!

Friday 21st May

Once again the weekend was upon us and so was a heatwave surprisingly enough! The forecast had given the hottest weekend of the year so far and with such conditions not being great for catching big Tench and Bream i took the opportunity to head down to a local lake for the evening to catch some Carp on floaters.

When i arrived they were everywhere and i soon had them confidently taking the bread that i put out. A couple of small carp were soon banked before the wind got up and the fish moved off up the lake towards where a couple of other chaps were fishing.

I chucked a couple of method feeders along the margins for the rest of the evening and apart from a couple of good pulls which i suspect were liners, no more fish materialised.

Saturday 22nd May

Todays session was supposed to be on Lakeside fishery near Hinckley in pursuit of some crucians but when i arrived i was most disappointed to see a bivvy in pretty much every peg on the lake. I set up in what amounted to the last available spot but i wasnt confident so i packed up and headed to Makins fishery just up the road in a bid to get a bend in my rod.

The weather given out for today was a scorcher and the carp were spawning heavily in all the lakes on the complex. I set up on lake 5 phase 1 on a peg near the carpark. My intention was just to spend a couple of hours on there to catch a few and save a wasted trip out.

I set up a waggler to fish small cubes of meat right under the bank on the nearside margin as this method has scored well for me on Makins in the past. I missed the first couple of bites so i changed the waggler for a pole float to give me a better contact on the strike.

From the first put in with the new rig i was into a succession of carp. They all ranged between 2-10lb and were great fun on my avon rod. It was real bite a chuck stuff and a change of hookbait to maggot had the same results exept the carp were replaced by tench and bream.

I packed up at about 11ish just as the sun was starting to reach full strength and my arms were starting to burn. Id estimate that i had around 100lb of fish in 4 hours of fishing, thats pretty good going and even though i didnt get any specimens, it was great fun catching!

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