Sunday, 25 April 2010

Tamworth Tincas

Sunday 25th April

Decided to head to a lake near Tamworth for todays trip along with a couple of mates, Phil and Dan. As today was to be something of a social, my approach for today was a bit of a lazy one to be honest. I intended to ball all the groundbait in at the start of the trip and then cast two bolt-maggot feeders over it. In my chosen swim there was a fair bit of weed in front of me but the water here was a fair bit deeper than the majority of the lake at about 7-8ft and i really fancied it to hold a Tench or two. After a quick lead around I managed to find an area at about 40 yards where the weed wasnt quite so heavy and it was here where i decided to commit my bait , firing out around 20 golf balls of groundbait.
The three of us were all setup next to each other, Dan was chasing the Carp whilst Phil, like me was after the Tench. The rods were soon in position and we settled back for a chinwag.

During the first couple of hours Dan had missed two takes and i managed a pair of small Perch. Not long afterwards though i recieved a proper take and struck into a heavy ball of weed. After a quick tug of war i reeled in my rig minus the hook but there was some very tenchy looking slime on the line which was encouraging, at least there might be one or two out there.
Shortly after recasting, the same rod was away and this time a Tench was duly landed. It was nice fat looking female of 5lb8oz and i was pleased to get one under my belt. no sooner had i returned it when Dans rod was away and he caught a lovely Mirror Carp of 18lb.

This seemed to be the start of a mad feeding spell over the next hour or so during which i landed another two Tench and Dan landed another two Carp. My Tench were 5lb and 6lb4oz whilst both of Dans were mid-doubles, both Commons. Funnily enough, the 6lber i had was obviously the same fish as the one id lost earlier because it still had my other baited hook in its lip! nice of it to give me a second chance!

That was to be all the action i was going to get for the rest of the trip but i cant complain, 3 x 5lb+ Tench in a trip isnt bad going for me! Dans trip wasnt over though by any means because he added two more Carp to his tally which included a 24lb Mirror and a 23lb4oz Common (pictured below) to crown a great session for him. Phil wasnt so lucky and just managed a couple of Perch and a lost Tench, it could be all change next time though!

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