Sunday, 16 May 2010

Another trip to Tamworth

Sunday 16th May
After my blank session on the Tamworth lake the other week id been itching to get back down to settle the score and this was the first chance id had for one reason or other to have another go. Weather conditions were much more favourable this time around with a warm wind and even some sunny spells.
I found i had the lake to myself upon arrival and soon settled into a swim in the windward corner of the lake. I decided to keep feed to a minimum this time rather than balling it in to try and see if there was anything in the area without spooking it. I opted for the usual maggot bolt feeder on one rod and method/boilie combo on the other. At this point i accidentally knocked my mobile into the lake completely knackering it, i hoped this wasnt an omen of another blank session!
After an hour or so of inactivity i noticed a couple of fish roll and almost imediately began to recieve lots of liners. Some of them were so strong i actually hit them thinking they were proper bites and struck into thin air every time. I had to sit on my hands, that is until the baitrunner on the maggot rod went into meltdown. The culprit proved to be a nice Tench of 6lb8oz which was a welcome capture and proved i was doing something right at least.
The liners continued for another hour or so until the sun came out proper whereupon they stopped completely. I fished on for a couple more hours without any more indications before packing up. Those Bream can be frustrating buggers!

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