Personal Bests

This page is devoted to the largest specimens ive caught since i decided to take up the art of the angle around 25 years ago at the tender age of 9. What follows is a list of the biggest fish that i  have recorded on paper in my various diaries and photo albums over the years making them what i would call my 'official' pbs.
I can think of at least two species where i have definately caught larger than stated but have absolutely no official record of them other than memories unfortunately. There are also one or two species missing altogether as ive never recorded anything about them . All are UK fish, foreign ones dont count!

Without further ado and in no particular order here goes .........

Perch  - Bait caught - 4lb 8oz
             Lure caught - 3lb 5oz

Pike - Bait caught - 21lb 4oz
          Lure caught - 20lb 10oz

Barbel - 14lb 8oz

Bream - 12lb14oz

Tench - 9lb 5oz

Zander - 6lb 12oz

Eel - 3lb 7oz

Carp - 31lb 4oz

Crucian - 2lb 14oz

Grayling - 2lb 9oz

Roach - 2lb 2oz

Chub - 6lb 10oz

Catfish - 43lb 12oz

Hopefully ill be able to add to and update this list soon, fingers crossed!