Thursday, 6 May 2010

Dreaming of a Breaming

Weds 5th May

If the Title of this entry is anything to go by then Dreaming of catching a Bream is about all i can do at the minute cos i sure aint sticking much on the bank!
I found myself with a day off on Thursday so decided to try and sneak a quick overnighter in on a local pit. The pit in question is a good size and has good form for chucking up big Bream to Carp anglers but its also quite a difficult nut to crack. Ive tried and failed to get amongst the Bream there on several occasions and this occasion was no different!

I didnt get sniff of a fish all night, not even from a Roach which was surprising as i was fishing maggots on both rods. I saw a couple of slabs roll at massive range but that was it . The Carpers catch them on boilies over beds of trout pellets usually so next time i go i think ill do the same and ill take the baitboat along too.
Looks like my purple patch might have come to an end, for now........

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