Saturday, 23 April 2011

Taming Tincas

Friday 22nd/Saturday23rd April

Even though it was good Friday and pretty much everybody else was enjoying a nice sunny bank holiday, i was one of the unfortunate few who found themselves at work. Fortunately i was able to finish at lunchtime and head straight down to the lake for an overnighter. My old pal Rob was also down and seeing as hed been there since early morning i already had a pretty good idea of how people were on and what had been out before i even arrived.
It was very busy anglerwise by all accounts but Rob had managed to bag a couple of plumb swims and had already caught a couple before i arrived. I settled in the swim to his left, a spot id never fished before which gave me command of quite a bit of water well away from Robs swim. My chosen tactics were to fish small method feeders over a bed of groundbait which was balled in at about 60 yards range with a catapult. 
The session didnt take long to get going and turned out to be really productive. Seeing i was catching a few i jotted down a running total as i caught them, below is how the session panned out.

2.00pm - Arrive at lake and get set up
3.30pm - Lose fish
4.00pm - Bream 4-5lb
4.45pm - Lose fish
6.30pm - Mirror Carp 18lb6oz
7.00pm - Tench 4lb14oz
7.45pm - Tench 7lb11oz
8.15pm - Lose fish
9.00pm - Tench 5lb4oz
9.30pm - Bream 5-6lb
10.15pm-Tench 4lb8oz
10.30pm-Bream 6lb12oz
10.45pm-Tench 5lb7oz
11.15pm-Bream 5-6lb
12.00pm-Tench 5lb8oz -after this i wound in to get some kip!
5.00am - woke up and cast back out
5.30am - Tench 5lb6oz
5.45am - Tench 4lb12oz
7.00am - Tench 7lb11oz -this was a recapture of last nights biggy
7.45am - Lose fish
8.00am - Tench 5lb9oz
8.15am - Lose fish
8.45am - Tench 4lb
10.00am-Packed up

As you can see i certainly had some action! I was particularly pleased with the Carp because they are a relative rarity in the water and i landed it on a 5lb bottom. The 7lb Tench was a beaut and i was amazed to catch it again less than 12 hours later and i swear it actually fought harder second time around too! Rob also did pretty well landing 9 Tench, most of which averaged 5-6lb, plus a couple of Bream.
Below is some pics to remember the session by ............


Action shot!

Nice carp, shame about my lily white legs!

First and smallest bream of the trip



  1. Leo, that is one action packed trip if ever I saw one!

  2. Leo, brilliant session fella some great tincas there.
    Regards, Dave.

  3. Leo - the 7 lb+ tench would have been a pb for me! And a cracking carp too. Well done. Rob Goodwin

  4. cheers lads, its not often i end up running out of bait on a session thats for sure!