Monday, 18 April 2011

Something different

Monday 18th April

Just a quick update tonight cos im short on time. I had the urgent need to go fishing today for some reason and, feeling a bit adventurous, i decided to have an evening on a local pool i know in pursuit of a Catfish or two. As expected i had the whole lake to myself so i headed to an area where ive caught Cats from in the past and commenced fishing. Within 20 minutes of casting out my right hander rattled off and a chunky Carp was soon banked.

I was fishing big pellets and was getting bangs and pulls every few minutes so there was clearly quite a lot of carp activity around them. I wasnt there for an evening of mudpig action however so i switched both rods over to deadbaits.
After a quiet couple of hours i had a scorching take and hit into what felt like a juggernaut that was determined to make it to the far end of the lake. There was no mistaking what this could be, nothing can flat-rod you quite like a Catfish! After a short but thoroughly brutal scrap the fish was finally netted and it looked quite decent.......

At 18lb 4oz it was decent enough to be a new pb for me anyway!  Quality stuff, another short session pays off!

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