Monday, 23 August 2010

Will the Weather ever make its mind up?

Friday 20th August

As the title of this entry suggests, weve been experiencing some very changeable weather patterns of late and today was no exeption. Heavy rain one minute and bright sunshine the next, surely the fish must be as confused as the rest of us! Never mind, at least weve had a bit of water going into the rivers which should perk the fishing up a bit hopefully.

This evening i headed back to the same area of Trent that i fished last Sunday exept i had the stickfloat in mind cos the spot i fished last week had a lovely crease which screamed Roach. When i got there however the river level had dropped about 6 inches from last week and most of the colour had dropped out of it too. The meant that the crease was now further out and much less pronounced but it still looked worth a go especially as the right hand margin had now become a nice slack area which looked good for a Perch or two.

I soon had the stickfloat trundling along the crease and by feeding a combination of maggots and hemp i was soon getting a bite a chuck. Small Perch were the main culprits but they were interspersed with a few Bleak and the odd nice Roach to about 6oz. After catching the Bleak i setup a livebait paternoster on a second rod and placed it in the slack downstream.

Within minutes it pulled over and a small perch was brought in and this was subsequently followed by another soon after. After that the paternoster proved to be quite slow with just two small Pike to about 7lb caught over the next couple of hours. The Stickfloat provided some good fishing though and i caught steadily throughout the session.

Archie Braddock was fishing the next peg upstream and i stopped fishing for a while to have a good chat with him. The guys been fishing the Trent for many years longer than i am old and i wanted to pick his brain for a few ideas. In true Archie fashion he didnt disappoint and i packed up my kit with some good food for thought.

Sunday 22nd August

The weather was very sunny and warm today so rather than heading out with the full kit i decided upon a bit of lure fishing on my local river Soar. I was getting follows from microperch every other cast on a mepps comet but didnt get anything positive for ages until i finally caught one of about 6oz. Thinking the fish might be in the faster more oxygenated water due to the bright conditions, i headed for a new area near a weir.
First cast brought a small Chub of about half a pound which was encouraging but knowing the area is usually a good bet for a Pike or two i switched to a larger lure. After a good search around with it i eventually hooked a fish which turned out to be a very good Perch, unfortunately it spat my lure back at me after much head shaking leaving me somewhat gutted. The lure i hooked it on is pictured below and as you can see its a good mouthful for a Perch!

After that as i headed back to the car, i saw a couple of Jacks in the margins but they werent the slightest bit interested in anything i put in front of them. Ah well, at least i didnt blank!

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