Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A bit of action at last!

Tuesday 10th August

After a grueller at work today and coming home to a housefull of screaming kids and nagging women i had to get out fishing for a few hours. Id bought some maggots with the intention of using them last weekend but i hadnt so i decided to head to a tiny weirpool on a local bit of river near my house. My intention was to catch a few livebaits in order to tempt a Perch or two.

When i arrived i was surprised to see the river was carrying about 10inches of water. Wed had some rain in the night but i didnt think it was that heavy, obviously i was wrong. Despite the extra water it was still running clear and i was soon catching a steady stream of Chublets and Roach.

Out went the first livey on a paternoster and within a couple of minutes the rod was bouncing as a small Perch of about 8oz made off with the bait. A promising start i thought, at least there was one or two in a feeding mood. Soon after recasting the rod top lurched over violently and a better fish of over a pound was soon bristling in the net.

After this it got a bit manic over the next hour or so, the Perch seemed to be really walloping the liveys and i caught around a dozen. Nothing massive with biggest going 2lb4oz (see below) but it was great fun and a lovely change to be catching a few after a dour few weeks. Soon enough the darkness arrived and i was forced to pack up with the fish still biting.

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