Monday, 9 August 2010

A Quiet Spell

Ill start by apologising for the lack of activity on here recently! ive not really had much to post lately mainly because i havent been fishing much. Its not through lack of oportunities to go either, more due to the fact that not many places are fishing great at the moment and i havent been able to find the inspiration to get out there and do it. Most of my favourite summer haunts are suffering from very low water levels and the fish really arnt playing ball.
Despite this i have managed to have a bit of a dabble over the last couple of weeks, for example, theres a tiny brook near my house where ive been introducing my kids to the world of fishing. Theres lots of little Trout, Dace and Chub in there which are always more than willing to grab a floatfished maggot. Its a good place for the kids to learn a bit about watercraft and stealth because these are truly wild fish and the brook is very shallow and overgrown. They both enjoyed themselves anyway which is the important bit!

Last week i also decided to try for a Barbel on my local stretch of the Soar with no success whatsoever. I stopped into dark fishing pellets and boilies and only managed several Chub raps for my efforts. It didnt look like anyone had fished the stretch for ages because the pegs were very overgrown.
Since that trip ive discovered something which has certainly aroused my interest again big time so watch this space!

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