Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Club water Carp - Success at last

Wednesday 21st April

After a mega stressful few days at work i needed to get out fishing. When i got home i secured a pass from headquarters, got a few bits together and headed down to the club lake for a couple of hours . After getting smashed up and losing a few Carp on my last trip to the venue i brought some appropriate tackle with me this time with the express intention of landing one. 3lb TC rods, baitrunners and 15lb line were the order of the day.

A quick walk around didnt show much in the way of Carp activity and there was a couple of other anglers already there with nothing to report either. It had been a frost the last couple of mornings and even though it was sunny this afternoon the wind still had a nip to it so i headed for a known holding area which id caught from in the past.
I went for a stealthy approach, doing away with the Delkims and simply laying the rods on the ground, fishing slack lines and sitting well back from the edge. Within a few minutes of casting i started to get a few twitches on the lines indicating that there was one or two fish about. This was confirmed an hour later when a fish crashed over my right hander sending shockwaves across the lake.
Soon enough it started to get dark and i couldnt believe i hadnt had a take yet when it was obvious i had fish in front of me, time was running out. I was sorely tempted to try and induce a take by tweaking my rigs or changing the hookbaits but i reasoned that there wasnt enough time left for any changes to have much effect other than spooking the fish on the recast, the baits stayed in place.
Just as it was almost too dark to see the rods anymore, the right hander lurched around and the baitrunner hissed, i hit into a fish which buried itself in some dead reeds. I leant into it hard to stop it getting any deeper in and it erupted on the surface and i managed to heave it clear. once in open water the outcome of the battle was a forgone conclusion on the gear i was using and a nice Common was quickly netted.
Now, you may have read in a previous blog entry how ive been after a 20lber from this particular water for a good while. I know a 20 isnt a monster fish when it comes to Carp nor is it a rarity on the water in question but ive been a bit unlucky both sizewise and with regards to lost fish on this lake in the past . I set myself a target of catching a 20 from there this closed season so i could finally put the place to bed and move on.
The scales confirmed a weight of 20lb12oz, chuffed or what? target achieved, i can completely forget about the place for the time being now and concentrate on other things. I love it when these quick, spur of the moment sessions pay off!

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