Saturday, 27 March 2010

Time for Tench

Saturday 27th March

With the closed season now firmly upon us ive decided to switch my attentions towards catching some Tench and Bream. Theres a gravel pit near my house which is a prolific Tench water and it was here where i decided to kick off my Spring campaign mainly to get a few under my belt and build up some confidence.

The day started off as a bit of a nightmare, firstly the gate to the fishery was late being unlocked which left me sat there for half an hour. When i got to my chosen spot i unpacked the rods only to find id brought the tip from a completely different rod which meant one of the rods i had to use use was actually made up of two. The wife then rang and i accidentally dropped my mobile in the lake completely buggering it in the process and then i realised id forgotten my unhooking mat too.
All these setbacks aside i eventually got two baits into position on some nice clear spots and sat back to await developments. One rod was on a bolt feeder setup with maggots and casters on the hook and the other was on a standard semi-fixed rig with a source boilie and a PVA bag of crushed pellets.

After about an hour the boilie rod was away and i hit into a fish which kited into heavy weed and the hook pulled. As i was rebaiting that rod the maggot one registered a stuttery take and i soon had a small Tench of around 3lb in the net.

After this i had a flurry of twiches and pulls on the maggot rod and even though i struck at a couple i couldnt connect with anything so i put them down to being liners. I decided to sit on my hands until a fish hooked itself and this seemed to do the trick as 2 more Tench were soon banked. These were slightly bigger than the first, being around 4-5lb apiece.

The sun then decided to put in an appearance and with this all indications ceased completely. There was a lull for a couple of hours and i thought that id had all the action i was going to get, that is, until the sky clouded up again. Almost as soon as i did the boilie rod was off and i netted another Tench after a brief tussle. The very second i did so the maggot rod began to judder towards the lake as another fish made for the far bank. I had no choice but to try and secure the first fish in the net as best as i could and then play the second one to the net. Thankfully all went smoothly and i was soon taking a pic of a nice brace shot. The fish were around 4lb apiece.
That was pretty much it, i stayed on for another hour or so with no more bites so i packed up happy with what id caught.
Water temp was a whopping 12 degrees, air temp was up to 14 degrees and the prevailing wind was a stiff North Westerly.

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