Thursday, 25 March 2010

Final trip of the season

Saturday 13th March

After Wednesdays action i was chomping at the bit to get back down the river. I felt a real breakthrough had been made mentally especially after having struggled so much on other stretches of the venue in the past. Paul and i arrived at around 1.30pm to find quite a few other anglers already in residence, mostly roving up and down searching likely spots. Fortunately the spots we had in mind were free and we quickly commenced fishing.

I chose a slightly different spot to my previous trip only to find it was a complete snagpit and considerably shallower to boot. On the face of it, it looked the part but I wasnt confident at all and decided to move to wednesdays swim. Shortly after moving i looked downstream to see Paul connected to a decent Perch which turned out to be a real cracker of 3lb6oz.

Confidence was sky high now and it seemed an age before my own tip pulled around and i latched into my first Perch of the trip. At around 1.5lb it wasnt the monster i was hoping for but it was a start and certainly wetted the appetite for some more action. I didnt have to wait long and soon found myself connected to another Perch. This one was in a different league to the previous fish and after a short scrap i slid the net under what looked like a real lump. Sure enough the dial went around to 3lb7oz and confirmed my second personal best in a week!

I was over the moon and even though i missed a couple more hard earned bites it didnt matter, after such a harsh winter my season had ended on a real high, roll on the glorious 16th!

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