Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Last week of the season (cont)

Tuesday 9th March

After yesterdays Perch action i thought id go back down and have some more but the fish werent playing ball at all today. Bright sunshine didnt help matters and despite walking miles of riverbank all i had to show for my days efforts was losing one very large Pike which i hooked on a worm placed under an overhanging tree. It gave me the run around for about 10 minutes ,during which time i dont even think it realised it was hooked, before biting me off.

Wednesday 10th March

Today i had arranged a trip to a river a fair distance away with my mate Paul. The plan was to fish for Chub during the day before switching to Perch as it got dark. Neither of us had fished the stretch before so we were a little unsure as to what to expect.
I didnt have to wait long to find out as, 20 minutes after making my first cast, my feederfished breadflake was snaffled by a fin perfect Chub of 5lb exactly.
Chuffed at the early success we fished on till mid-afternoon to no avail at which point we decided to prime up a couple of swims in the hope of some evening Perch action.
After a couple of hours drowning some worms i eventually had a pull which resulted in a lovely Perch of 2lb10oz, the biggest id ever had from the river. I had a couple more bites in quick succession, one which i missed and another which resulted in a heavy fish hooked and lost. Paul also got in on the action with a mid-2lb Perch.
All too soon it was too dark to see the tips and we headed home promising to return at the weekend.

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