Sunday, 23 December 2012

Xmas Perching

As I write this the EA river levels site is showing my local stretch of the Trent to be running at over 3m. By my calculations this means the rivers got nearly 8ft of extra water on it! It's not surprising then that I found myself on a local lake for my most recent session, target Perch.

Rob joined me with the intention of fishing for Roach and whilst we both opted for a two rod approach, he fished bolt feeders with maggots and I went for groundbait feeders with lobworms.

After a fairly uneventful morning with nothing more than a couple of Roach to show for my efforts I decided to move swims in a bid to find some Perch. A couple of blank hours later and I was regretting the move. My wanderlust returned and I went for a look in the lakes tiny overflow pool. I was surprised to see some small Fish near the surface and not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth I returned within minutes armed with a float rod.

Ten minutes later I had half a dozen 3inch rudd in my bucket and I returned to my swim and setup a couple of paternosters. I'd never used liveys on the lake before and I was a little unsure as to what to expect but seeing as the worms had been ignored all morning I had nothing to lose.

Not long after positioning the rigs I was just telling Rob how I thought it might be a bit cold for livebaits to work when my left hander signalled a slow but deliberate take. I struck and the rod took on a healthy bend as a nice Perch made a bid for freedom and At 2lb7oz it certainly brightened up a tough day. After the quick action I was hopeful of a bit more but as is usually the case for me when that happens nothing else was in mood to oblige and it was soon time to pack up.



  1. Blimey leo, that looks bigger than 2lb 7oz, its a bit of a brute.
    Merry Christmas mate.

  2. Rob takes a good picture mate! Merry Christmas !

  3. Lovely picture Leo a nice early Chrismtas present, have a good Christmas!