Friday, 14 December 2012

Winter blogging blues

I have only fished once since coming back from Chew and that session ended in a blank. I fished a water near Leicester in the hope of a Pike or two. Just about every other local water was either flooded, coloured or frozen and this lake was pretty much the only one I could think of which would give me half a chance of catching.  Once at the lake it turned out that the fishing was so hard that one chap had only caught 4 jacks since October! Most depressing indeed, as was the seemingly endless stream of Cormorants which visited the lake throughout the day. It was nice to be out on the bank though and the sun even came out so it wasn't all bad.

I'm having some real problems with blogger at the minute. I mentioned in a previous post that my laptop has packed up which means that I'm now totally reliant on my iPad to put posts up. This is fine for entering text but I'm finding putting pictures on to be a total nightmare. If I try and use blogger via the web I keep getting messages saying that my browser (safari) isn't compatible and I'm unable to scroll within the text box. The blogger app for iPad is ridiculously clumsy and extremely limited especially for adding pictures and the whole thing is very frustrating indeed.

I attempted to freshen things up the other day by customising my blog layout and template but things got very messy. I ended up having to settle for a crappy generic template to get by with for now and I'm far from happy with it.  I'm hoping to get setup with some kind of netbook or something soon so hopefully ill be back on track but until then please bear with me!

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  1. Leo

    I got an iPad just for blogging and then ditched it too...useless for the job!