Sunday, 7 October 2012

Still Carping on

Since my last blog update my fishing has been a little stifled due to the usual work commitments and a weekend away to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary .  I've not been sat on my laurels though fishingwise and during my time off I've managed to acquire an exciting new ticket with some great potential. I had my first chance to have a really good look at the water on Saturday and there are some seriously mouth watering swims to choose from, unfortunately the place was booked for a match on Sunday so I guess I'll have to wait another week before I can get stuck in.

My options for Sundays session weren't great, cold and bright conditions were forecast and with the rivers carrying a bit of colour and extra water I wasn't too keen. In the end, seeing as my Carp gear was still ready to go from when I last used it I decided to head back down to the same club lake as before.
Upon my arrival I was a little disappointed to find my fancied area already occupied. The two lads sat there though had nothing to report so I headed further around the pool hopeful of finding some fish. Nothing was obvious and although the lake was enshrouded in mist the sun was already starting to burn it away so I headed for a shallow area. I reasoned that the forecast bright sunshine would hopefully encourage the carp to feed in the shallows later in the day, it was a total gamble but would it pay off?
An hour or so into the session and nothing had shown whatsoever until I heard an alarm screech and looked up the lake to see one of the other two lads  landing a small Carp. A good sign that something was moving at least.  Shortly afterwards I was joined by Phil who set up in the deep water to my right.

The sun was soon up to full strength and and it started to get pretty warm, the Carp obviously liked it aswell because there was a couple of shows out in the middle of the lake . They were miles from where I was fishing but it did wonders for the confidence which increased further when I received a hefty liner on my right hander at around lunchtime.
By the time mid afternoon came around the Delkims still remained silent and that all important confidence was fast diminishing. A few other anglers had turned up, blanked and gone home again over the course of the day and eventually just Phil and I remained. We too were contemplating packing up when suddenly my left hander signalled a fast take. The fish put up a great account of itself and i was pleased when it turned out to be one of the lakes Commons, a nice mid-double. It finished the session off nicely and soon after the photos i headed for home.


  1. Lovely looking Common there Leo, looks in great condition.

  2. Lovely fish, What did you catch it it on Leo?

  3. You sticking with the 10000's then mate? Can't see much point you getting big pits myself to be honest

  4. Cheers lads, the lakes got some cracking looking commons in it and I can't wait till they start hitting mid twenties, they'll be proper stunners. The one above picked up a source boilie John.

    I'm ordering the big pits this week cos I want to put the bait runners back on my other carp rods to use as a separate piking