Thursday, 11 October 2012

Collecting for the campaign .........

Now the cooler weather is upon us, my plan for the coming weeks is to concentrate wherever possible on catching some hefty Perch. A good supply of worms is a must for times like this so a trip to the local playing fields was the order of the day. Phil joined me and we mustve looked like a right pair of pillocks crawling about in the wet grass carefully scanning the ground with our head torches occasionally shouting about stubborn ones and six inchers! I was fully expecting to see a police car pull up at any minute to enquire as to what the hell we were doing!
Our efforts werent in vain though and after around 3/4 of an hour or so we both had getting on for 100 decent lobworms apiece, a good nights work indeed. Free bait is awesome i just hope i can put it to good use!


  1. I hope you saw the millions of signs down there that soem busybody has stuck up saying that strange behaviour is being monitored and car reg's recorded!

  2. I was out myself last night and found the grass had been cut and I've never had worm collecting more easily done, there were hundreds if not thousands out. Grab one and within a two foot circle of the tourch beam I would see 20 dissappear, no worry - three foot away were another load just waiting for me. :)

  3. I'ts no wonder I'm in such peak physical shape, you lot just walk about picking em up while I'm digging for the buggers!