Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Short session success

Wednesday 8th June

Had an extremely quick evening session on my usual Tench water this evening to use up the weekends bait . After finishing work, having some dinner and getting stuck in traffic on the way to the lake I was fishing for about 6. With time being at a premium i dropped in a handy spot near the carpark, the wind was pushing towards me and i fancied my chances.
The weed had come up with a vengeance since my last trip there a couple of weeks ago but there was still clear areas to be found and soon enough the feeders were in position. I didnt have to wait too long for a bite and i duly landed a Bream of around 5-6lb on my right hander. The next bite came around an hour later to the left hand rod and i struck into a good fish. It took all of 30seconds to get itself weeded solid but some steady pressure and gentle coaxing soon had it moving again and eventually i netted a very plump Tench which weighed 8lb on the nose.
As i returned the fish my other rod rattled off and i hit into what turned out to be a Bream which fell off in the margin as i was thinking about netting it. I recast and gave it another half hour before packing up more than happy with my evenings work.



  1. Leo, well done that is a great fish, you just need to coax one that size from GB now!!

  2. Another fat stunner mate, well done. Hoping my lakes back on form soon ! I want one of those.