Saturday, 11 June 2011

Nearly there!

Saturday 11th June

I had a walk along a stretch of the Derbyshire Derwent this morning in order to refamiliarise myself with the place in preparation for opening week. Id not been near the stretch for two years and i was pleasantly surprised to find it hasnt changed a bit, everything was exactly as i remembered it.
The light conditions wernt great for fishspotting and there was a good ripple on from the wind but i did manage to find a few . I spotted a small group of decent Chub holding station off the end of a fallen tree and i saw some other individual Chub and Barbel ghosting across the gravel amongst the streamer weed. I didnt see any Carp which was unusual but as i headed back to the car i managed to get a useable shot of a couple of small Barbs (biggest about 7lbish) framed on the gravel mid-river. Cant wait to get down there and wet a line now!

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