Thursday, 26 May 2011

Slow but steady

Sunday 22nd May

This is a bit of a belated write up but i thought id better get last weekends fishing writeup out of the way before this coming weekends adventures begin. After a weekend of doing a few oddjobs around the house I opted for an evening session on the Tench lake. The weather was sunny but very windy and with there being a good chop on the lakes surface i was confident of a bite or two .
The swim i chose was right in the teeth of the wind but also right next to the main entrance which meant a constant stream of passers by. This wasnt a problem until i landed the first Tench of the day around half an hour into the trip and I was suddenly surrounded by curious members of the public. The fish had gone through my other line during the battle and was tangled, i ended up netting the lot and my swim looked like bomb site with rods, line, nets and Tench everywhere. This didnt stop the crowd converging upon me with shouts of "lets have a look?", "what is it?" , "didnt think there was anything that big in here" and the old perennial "are you going to eat it?" I inwardly groaned at the barrage of questions and winced as a couple of kids stepped over my rod, camera phones in hand to capture the moment for posterity. After unhooking i placed it back in the water as quickly as possible in bid to get the people out of my swim asap. As i picked up the rod a woman walked through the line pulling the size 10 hook deep into my thumb. Through gritted teeth i had to graciously accept her apology as i used my forceps to remove the hook which was in well past the barb!
After all that trauma had subsided i recast and settled back down, the weather looked to be on the turn with some very heavy looking clouds rolling in. Even though the rain held off, the stream of public walking by reduced considerably and i even caught another Tench, this one around the 5lb mark. The session was looking up!
Seeing as i was right near the carpark my better half decided to bring the kids down to see me and amost on cue, as they arrived, the sun came out and my right hander signalled a take. Another scrappy albeit small Tench was soon on the mat much to the kids amusement although number two child wussed out when it came to the family photo cos he was scared to get too close! hes only two but hes gonna grow out of that one whether he likes it or not!

After they left i managed another small one just before dark and that was all the action i had . Four bites for four fish in about six hours fishing, not too bad i thought. Reports from other anglers on the lake over the last week suggests the fishing has slowed right down and with a bank holiday weekend coming up i might leave the place until we get another blast of warm weather. I fancy a spot of float fishing and a change of scenery this coming weekend, not sure where yet though...........

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