Monday, 16 May 2011

The push continues

Sunday 15th May

As the title of this entry suggests, my push for another big Tench continues, this time in the shape of a quick evening session. I hit the lake at around 3pm just as the last of the weekenders was leaving, i had the whole lake to myself, a rare treat indeed! Despite this, swim choice was still fairly limited due to the lack of them . Seeing as none seemed to jump out at me after a good mooch around i settled in what was normally the most popular swim on the lake purely because i might not get another chance in there anytime soon!
I had brought the Bismarck (my crappy baitboat) with me for its first outing in ages and after much faffing about which reminded me just WHY it was its first outing in ages, i finally got some baits out and started fishing.
It was around an hour before i had my first bite and after a decent scrap a nice Tench of 6.12 was soon posing for some pics. Two lost fish on the bounce followed over the next couple of hours before i hooked into another beaut of 7.2. That was to be it for the rest of the session because shortly after that 3 car loads of youths pulled up and they all piled into the woods behind me on a camping trip . Judging by the racket of large branches snapping accompanied by much shouting and the smell of burning it sounded more like wanton destruction than camping . Either way, i wasnt gonna argue with em over it and seeing as i now found myself on my own with gang of drunken chavs 30yards away my session appeared to be going downhill fast. I was happy enough with what id already caught so after enduring the disruption for an hour or so with no further action on the rods i decided to call it a day.



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