Saturday, 9 May 2015

Dawn raid

I needed to get some more species down on the list for the bloggers challenge and with limited time I decided an early morning attack on the local canal could well give me a few points. I had to be back home for 10am and it was 5.30 when I arrived bankside.

I began by chucking some hard lures about in my favourite Zander swim and despite getting a couple of savage pulls I couldn't connect. A switch to a soft lure saw me land a scrappy little Zed on my first chuck which went 1lb12oz.



My next cast saw me bump another then I couldn't buy another pull so I went back to the car to swap the lure gear for the float rod and set about trying to winkle out some more fish.

The wind was pretty horrendous which meant I had to fish down the inside track which wasn't where I really wanted to be. I managed to scrape a few different species together though, perch, dace, gudgeon, roach and a roach/bream hybrid, all small but all points!




  1. Leo, that's a silver bream not a hybrid. Good to see they live in your local cut too. They'll be my first target when and if I ever get out fishing again!

  2. Are you sure Jeff, doesn't look quite right to me

    1. The lateral line scale count is right, Joe. Appearance is correct. However, taking a closer look the anal fin count is too low I think, Only 17 branched rays when silver bream have something like 21-24, so that means it might well be a hybrid after all, but a roach x silver bream hybrid. I don't see any bronze bream in it.

  3. I did think silver bream initially Jeff but after comparing that pic with a proper silver bream I caught from the same canal last year the two are completely different. Like you say, the ray count is much lower.

  4. I reckon that's a rudd/ silver bream hybrid. There's tons of those in my local canal. I think roach and common bream spawn and then rudd and silver bream both a bit later which would explain the rarity of both rudd/common bream hybrids and roach/silver bream. I'm 99% sure that's what you've caught.