Friday, 20 February 2015

Back to Blithfield

After last autumns successful perch trials the management at Blithfield res decided to release a couple more dates so last weekend saw me headed back over there to do battle once more. Phil was to be my boat partner this time around and seeing as this was his first time out on a trout ressie I was praying for a good day to whet his appetite for future trips.


As we approached the lake it didn't look too bad but as we got closer I was slightly disappointed that there was a good chop on. Being relatively inexperienced at boat fishing myself I had visions of spending most of the day wrestling with the boat in the wind but in the event, although we were drifting a little too quickly for my liking, the drogue did it's job and it wasn't too bad.

The fishing itself proved to be a pretty slow burner and although we were getting a few taps we were struggling to connect with anything. My first fish came after I had put the rod down and reached for a sandwich. Phil pointed out that my rod tip was pulling over at an alarming rate and I turned around and struck into a small but feisty Perch.

After that we fished on with more confidence and actually managed to catch a few even though we were still missing a fair few plucks from the depths. I'd say it was prolific but I'd be lying, there was just enough action to keep the interest up but at least we were getting our string pulled.
Small red Berkeley minnows and silver savage gear minnows seemed to produce most pulls. At one point I hooked what I though was to be a proper mansize perch but it turned out to be a lively overwintered rainbow trout, a pleasing result on the ultralite outfit.
We seemed to find a better stamp of fish later on in the day but the fishing didn't get any easier. Nevertheless Phil and I both enjoyed ourselves and the quicker the autumn arrives so we can get on the other midlands ressies the better!



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