Friday, 20 June 2014

First week of the new season part2

After a refreshing nights kip I felt like a new man as I gathered my lure kit together. My throat was still a bit dodgy but other than that I was fine and raring to get out there and chuck some metal and plastic at the unsuspecting preds of the river soar.

The plan was to get dropped off at barrow upon soar and work our way downstream until our pickup in either loughborough or zouch, wherever we ended up at the end of the day.

What a great day it proved to be! The river was running low and clear which meant that visibility was great for spotting those hits and follows. Within 30 mins of starting I put four pike on the bank so that shows what kind of a day we had.

Countless perch and jacks were landed and even the odd chub, Nothing huge graced our nets but it was great fun and Rather than writing a blow by blow account I'll just let the pics below show snippets of the day as there was way too much to write about!

First blood to me ;-), good old ondex!

The smile says it all!

Phil's first of the day

The soft 4play lure was popular with the jacks

My biggest of the day, poached from another anglers swim as it had been bothering him all morning (cheers Russ!)

Even the chub were on it

Had more of these between us than we could count!

Fat perch

River soar looking lush

Biggest stripey of the day

They do like a mepps don't they!

Phil's biggest

Some of the swims were bloody tight!
So that was our barbel day off, really enjoyed it and for me it was what summer lure fishing is all about, lots of action and great fun.



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