Tuesday, 27 May 2014

An interesting new pool

I managed to find a new water for this weeks briefest of fishing trips. Rumour had it there are some nice crucians and Rudd to be caught there and with no king carp present whatsoever to ruin things I figured it might be worth a look. I only had the afternoon to fish and upon arrival at the lake I was a little disappointed to see a sign stating the gates would be shut at 8pm on the dot which meant I had even less time to get a feel for the place. It wasn't very encouraging either when the three anglers already fishing told me they hadn't had a bite between them and that the lake was hard going at the best of times!

Nonetheless I pressed on regardless and set up in an inviting looking spot next to a large reedbed. Floatfished maggots was my plan of attack but that soon fell to pieces as the lakes entire population of baby Rudd appeared to be in front of me and were ravenous. No matter what I put out baitwise they were literally boiling on the surface for it! I was finding it hard to believe that the other anglers hadn't had a bite, this was ridiculous!

I had to find a way through the Rudd and after a good root around in my kit bag I found a mini pepperami stick. I upped my hook size and soon a small chunk of the questionable meat product was fishing away happily and Rudd-free out in front of me. The float still bobbed about as the little Rudd attacked it but I decided to sit on my hands until a proper bite materialised.

I didn't have to wait long and soon enough the float buried and stayed buried. A swift strike had me latched into something quite substantial and I got a brief glimpse of a nice bream just beneath the surface before the hook pulled. At least it proved there were one or two decent fish out there in front of me.

My next bite came pretty quickly and again it was a nice fish. A flash of gold in the murk had me thinking but when it surfaced I was pleasantly surprised to see a sizeable Rudd roll into the net. It looked worth a weigh and at 1lb8oz it was the best Rudd I've caught in ages. Theyre pretty thin on the ground in my part of the world!

After that the bites kept coming, I was having to feed pretty heavily to get the loosefeed through the little Rudd to the bigger fish below but over the next hour or so I managed to latch into a trio of bream in the 3-5lb range which were good sport on the light float gear.

As the sun got lower in the sky I was becoming more and more aware of the time and that gate being locked. I was really hoping my next bite would be from a chunky crucian but when it came and I struck into something which made for the far bank at a rate of knots I wondered just what it was I'd hooked into.

The fish pulled like a demon and I have to confess I actually thought it was a carp all the way through the fight until it surfaced at my feet ready for netting. I've caught many many tench over the years but never one that pulled like that fish did, it pulled like a barbel and upon inspection it was shaped like one too! Long and lean it wasnt a monster but was certainly a worthy adversary.

Another tench and a bream shortly afterwards pretty much brought my session to a close and I packed up full of ideas on how to approach the place next time. I've since heard that one or two monster perch reside in there aswell, no doubt growing fat on those tiny Rudd, so a return trip is a certainty!

Incidentally the other anglers who blanked were all fishing pellet on the method feeder out into the middle of the pool. I'm told that's the going method on there but the only other guy to catch was fishing the float down the edge like me, strange that :-)






  1. Nice session there Leo, just as well you didnt take along your method feeders!!

  2. Sounds like my type of water. Good fishing.