Sunday, 30 March 2014

Dropshot conquered

Regular readers may know that dropshotting is method I've really been trying to get to grips with. The more I've done it the more I've learned and now I finally find myself at a point where I can say I feel I've actually conquered the method and can fish it with confidence. My most recent session on the Loughborough canal really highlighted it to me.
It was mid afternoon when I arrived and with it being a mild and sunny day the boats were quite active. The water was quite turbid and visibility was down to about six inches. Because of this I opted for a mepps to begin with due to the flash and vibration they put out. This was pretty short lived because a snag claimed it on my 4th cast and I then switched to a small kopyto shad.

A fruitless half hour was spent working my way up to the next set of locks whereupon I decided to set up the dropshot. I saw a snippet on Facebook the other day where Des Taylor had setup a two hook tandem dropshot rig and I really liked the look of it so I decided to try it for myself. I dropped the rig straight off the rod tip into the turbulence caused by the lock overflow and then gently twitched the rod tip up and down. A gentle tap had me strike and a tiny perch dropped off as I lifted it out of the water. I dropped in again and almost Imediately had a hefty thump on the rod and found myself playing a nice canal Chub of around 3lb, a good start!

No more bites were forthcoming in that swim after that and I soon moved on towards a moored boat further along the towpath. Straight away I had a couple of strange pulls where the line seemed to tighten ever so slightly, they were so gentle they could've almost been the lead tripping over a stone or branch on the bottom but they somehow felt 'different'. This was proved when I struck one and swung in a tiny Perch.

Now I knew what to look for there was no turning back and over the next hour or so perch after perch succumbed to the fox micro fry. I was amazed because in my mind the colour of the water should've put them off but it didn't seem to make any difference at all.

I did have a few takes which gave a proper pull which good be felt through the rod but the vast majority where the ultra gentle line tightening type I mentioned previously. Strangely enough, although I was using a double dropshot rig, every single fish I caught was on the bottom hook. I tried fishing just one on its own but I never had a rap but as soon as I rigged up the second hook again I began catching again, weird!

All in all I probably caught something like 20odd fish and had twice as many bites, most enjoyable and all on a method which has been a real problem for me to get to grips with in the past.


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  1. Nice one Leo, mastered it at last then. I've still not bothered trying the DS method, it doesn't really interest me for now. Certainly does seem to work though. If I were to use it it would be on a river where I'd lob the rig under a bush and hold it there, for me that could be the real advantage of the method.