Friday, 31 January 2014


I've just realised its been a full month since I last posted on this blog! I really must try harder but it does help if I actually have something to post about in the first place!

After such a cracking end to 2013 I was hoping to continue in 2014 where I left off but as usual the weather put paid to any plans I may have had. Torrential rain and floods have knocked any chance of much river action on the head and seeing as I'm not at all keen on fishing lakes in the winter months I haven't been doing a great deal. A chest infection has stopped me in my tracks over the last week or so aswell so basically my fishing seems to have stalled somewhat.

A Perch session on a local commercial in early Jan was a success in that I caught a lot of fish unfortunately nothing substantial though. I was pleased to find another water where they respond to prawns pretty well though so it could be worth a second look with deadbaits to see if they can tempt something bigger.

I did attempt a river session mid January and nearly didn't bother due to it pulling through like a train but the colour was nice and I managed to find a bit of slack water whereupon I tempted a fine Perch of 3lb8oz on a worm. It was the only bite of the trip and I haven't been out since.

Hopefully the weather will break soon because were fast running out of fishing season!


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