Monday, 23 September 2013

Short and sweet

I found time for a quick overnighter on my local bit of upper Trent the other night. I fished what was a new swim for me and despite treading in Foxshit, despite getting eaten alive by mozzys, despite the drifting weed being a nightmare and despite my chosen spot being the rockiest and snaggiest swim in the Western Hemisphere I actually managed to catch a couple!

A clonking bream of 8lb and a Barbel of 9.12 were just rewards for laughing in the face of adversity. The weed was so bad I ended up fishing right under my rod tips otherwise I would've been recasting every 10mins. Fortunately I was able to feed the spots regularly and accurately seeing as they were so close and I managed to tempt a couple of fish in.

Some nice fish have started to show all along Railways water now according to reports filtering through the grapevine so I'm planning next weeks trip already, sod going to work when there's Barbel to be caught!


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