Friday, 16 August 2013

I'm back

In recent weeks my fishing has taken something of a back seat in my life. Big pressure at work has taken its toll and left me with little energy or inclination to get out on the bank. The poor fishing weather has done little to inspire me and the tiny spark within me which makes me go is yearning for winter Chub and Perch.

However, the winds of change have begun to stir! The last week at work has been particularly gruelling and earlier, as I was on my way home, i suddenly realised that what I really needed was to go and catch a few fish and I really needed to do it there and then! My mind swam with possibilities and as I arrived home I found myself headed straight to the shed for the lure gear, kit I've hardly used this year at all.

I was back out of the house and headed to the nearest bit of river within minutes and instantly I began to get that feeling of freedom and anticipation of what might be in store for me, a feeling which had been lacking within me for weeks!

I wasn't expecting monsters, I just needed my string pulling and I'm pleased to report I wasn't disappointed. I was getting plucks and taps from the very first put in and a string of small Perch and even a couple of Jacks fell to my rod over the next hour or so. It was wonderful to be out again and now I find myself really looking forward to my next trip out.



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