Sunday, 20 January 2013

January update

Well there goes 2012 and it proved to be a pretty good year for me in terms of big fish. Will 2013 be as kind? Only time will tell of course but first I've actually got to go fishing in the first place because, so far this year, I've hardly wet a line!

First there was the floods which kept me off the rivers and now, as I write, we've got generous blanket of the white stuff, hardly inspiring conditions. I've only had one proper trip out this year so far and that was a snatched afternoon on the river just prior to the arrival of the snow.

The mild weather of a couple of weeks back proved to be pretty good for worm catching so I decided to put them to good use and continue my winter Perch campaign.

Conditions were quite bright and sunny and there was a cold wind but the water had a nice tinge to it and I was hopeful of at least a bit of action. As the session progressed it was apparent I was in for a grueller. The water looked dead and my tip remained motionless for a good couple of hours.

It all came good as the light began to fade though as I had two bites in quick succession which resulted in two fantastic Perch of 3lb5oz and 3lb4oz. I certainly packed up with a smile on my face!


I did have a half hearted lure fishing trip on Sunday morning last week but it was horrendously bright and very very cold so not surprisingly I blanked. It was nice to be out though.
I've decided that for 2013 my blog will be more of a monthly round up as opposed to a week by week and blow by blow account. There's only so many ways you can write about catching a fish and how happy you were about it and reading back through some of my recent entries I see that I was starting to get a little monotone and repetitive.
Here's wishing everyone a fish filled 2013 anyway, I certainly hope it is for me!



  1. Brilliant Leo, two clonkers there mate!

  2. Cheers Paul, hopefully they're a sign of things to come!

  3. Nice one Leo they are impressive looking Perch, I hope 2013 produces more big fish for you.


  4. Lovely perch Leo. Shame you'll only be blogging monthly as your posts are always fascinating, not least because you always seem to find some real specimens!!

    Good luck for 2013