Friday, 8 June 2012

Ton-up Tenching (and Breaming)


 Flushed with success from the session of the previous day i met up with Rob back at the Tench lake to see if any more specimens could be tempted. The wind was quite mild and we setup with it coming towards us even though torrential rain had been forecast. It actually started spitting as we made our first casts and it got heavier and more persitent as the day wore on.
Within half an hour my indicator began to twitch and i struck into my first fish of the day, a Bream of 6.8 which set the precedent for the rest of the day really. Bream after Bream fell to my rods and id already caught five of them before i even caught my first Tench of the day, a fish of over 5lb.
The action was pretty much non stop throughout the entire session, the fish were really on the bait and on a couple of occasions i had double hookups. Rather than bore you with the details of every fish captured heres the session in numbers;

28 fish hooked in total,
23 landed and 5 lost,
13 Bream to 7.14
9 Tench to 6.6
1 Perch

The Tench averaged over 5.8 and the Bream averaged over 7lb which means based on the averages i had over 140lb of fish, certainly  more if the ounces were added up. Pretty good going and although nothing big was caught it was a hugely enjoyable trip. Theres nothing like a good bagging session to restore some confidence!

Heres a couple of pics from the day;


I was in two minds whether to bother going today but i still had bait to use up and my old mucker Phil said hed drive so how could i refuse? Rather than heading back to the Tench lake we decided upon a days floatfishing for Crucians to break things up a bit.
Theres a distinct lack of Crucian waters in our area and we were racking our brains as to where would give us a good chance of a few pound plus fish and maybe bigger. Nowhere sprang to mind until i remembered a pool which i used to Perch-fish a few years ago. Id had a couple of Crucians on lobs in the winter there and they werent a bad size so we reasoned it was worth a look.
Its a tiny pond of probably 1/3of an acre but its deceptively deep and has some nice beds of lillies dotted around it. Today the wind was howling across it and the imminent threat of rain was hanging over us so we got setup as quickly as possible. Upon plumbing the depth i had around 7ft of water next to the pads and it was here i decided to fish. I had Bread, Corn, Maggots and groundbait to throw at them and it wasnt long before i started to get a few indications.
The fish were proving to be extremely finicky and despite getting lots of knocks on the float, full blooded bites were pretty thin on the ground. The had rain arrived with a vengeance by now and the wind had really picked up making for some nasty conditions to be floatfishing in.
I eventually started to pick up a few Roach on breadflake and they were of a  decent size too with some nudging a pound. After a while i hit my first Crucian of the day, not big at around 12oz but it was the first of its kind ive had in ages so i was quite pleased with it. Another slightly bigger sample came along shortly afterwards and that weighed in at 1.3.
After that the fishing got tougher and bites even harder to hit, Phil did catch a Crucian of 1.8 but that was it as far as they were concerned for the rest of the day. Despite having to work for every bite i enjoyed the session and Id like to go back in more favourable weather conditions to see if theres anything of any size to be had there.

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