Monday, 14 May 2012

Going through the motions?

This weekend ive been very limited timewise due to family commitments but with the weather seemingly getting a bit better i still managed to squeeze in a couple of quick evening sessions. My first trip was to what has now become my regular Tench water and although catch reports from those whod been down in the week werent very encouraging the sun was out and the wind seemed fairly mild.
Upon my arrival i found i had the whole lake to myself and had my pick of the swims. I chose one which has produced a few lately and got setup. The wind was blowing quite strongly from my right to left and the water was more coloured up than i think ive ever seen it, a couple of fish splashed out in the waves at around 30 yards out though so i was confident that i had a few in front of me.
I sat there for probably about 3 hours without so much as liner and was starting to get a little impatient, thinking about what i could do to make something happen. The chocolate brown water wasnt doing me any favours i felt although the groundbait mix i was using was full of mollasses so i didnt think theyd have a problem finding it.
As i looked out across the expanse of water in front of me a Tench rolled right in my line of sight at about 50 yards and i saw it clear as day. With nothing to lose i reeled in a rod, rebaited and cast it to where the fish showed. The wind was dropping by now but was noticably colder, in fact i realised i was actually shivering and seeing as i was dressed for the warmer weather of earlier i had no choice but to huddle under my brolly as best as i could.
It was a welcome relief when, after around half an hour, the bobbin on my recast rod began to dance and i struck into a fish. It came in very easily and didnt seem to wake up till it got under the rod tip but i soon had it netted and on the mat. It was a very odd looking Tench with alsorts of lumps and bumps on it but it saved my session bless it. I weighed it at 5.4 and after returning it to its watery home i quickly packed up and headed back myself, i was frozen!

Another evening session on a different lake started well enough, in fact i hooked a fish before id even got my second rod out but i managed to lose it to a hookpull. Over the next couple of hours i had a few twitches on the bobbins and lost another fish which felt somewhat Perch-like but i ended the trip on a total blank. 
After several trips where ive struggled im starting to wonder what im doing wrong, my fishing really seems to be in the doldrums at the minute. Others seem to be faring little better so maybe its just the fish? Certainly on my last trip out i felt like i was just going through the motions, what i need is a good bagging session somewhere to restore a bit of confidence and stoke the fire i reckon.


  1. Hi Leo
    I think the weather certainly isnt helping, it seems every time I look out the window its bloody raining! It does start to get you down and when your fishing for tench it doesnt give you much confidence. We must be due some sun

  2. You know its the weather kid, another week or two and it will all be forgot (he says in hope!)

  3. 9:00am tuesday morning and it is bloody cold and drizzling outside - frost warnings over the next couple of days - this is mid May - absolutely barmy and no wonder our tench fishing is suffering.

  4. It'll be a long summer though, when it ever starts, with temps in the low 90's during November, no doubt.

  5. At this rate Spring will bypass Summer and go straight into Autumn!