Monday, 2 January 2012

A trip to the cut

Monday 2nd January

Today was the last day of my Xmas hols so i was determined to get out and do some fishing . The weather had turned very cold overnight and the sky was clear which meant bright sunshine aswell, not great conditions . Id heard some good things about a local canal and had been hankering to give it a go for while so i decided to meet my mate Rob down there for an afternoon of lure fishing . This was to be the first time ive fished a canal for as long as i can remember and i wanted to see what ive been missing out on .
The water was fairly coloured when we arrived due to boat traffic so a bait with a big commotion was required to get the fish to spot it . I borrowed a spinnerbait body off Rob and attached a jighead with a 3inch curly-tailed grub, and even though it looked the part I couldnt believe it when the lure got hit on the first cast!

The fish was just shy of the 2lb barrier and provided a most encouraging start, i could get into this canal fishing lark . A couple of miles of canal later with nothing else to show for it soon brought me back down to earth though! Rob too was struggling so it wasnt just me . A few more boats had been through which had turned the water to chocolate colour and i dont think that helped matters . Still, i had an enjoyable day in good company and even managed to avoid the dreaded blank . Ill be back down for another go soon enough although i think itll be an early morning attack to try and avoid the worst of the boat traffic .


  1. Its great when its the first cast, Those canal fish do that so you think your going to have a great days catching, Then nothing it does bring you back to reality for sure,
    But what a great Perch,
    Very well done,

  2. I probably drove past you mate, some water out that way eh

  3. Brilliant photograph! Couldn't have done better myself!

    Cheers, Rob Goodwin