Monday, 8 August 2011

Starting em young

Sunday 7th August

Ive not been out at all this week due to some major car trouble which has resulted in us becoming a one car family for the first time in over ten years. As a result this has drastically cut down on my fishing opportunities and the situation looks set to continue for the next couple of weeks until i can sort a new motor out, nightmare!
Nevertheless i managed to get out on Sunday afternoon and instead of heading to the river i opted for a trip to a local brickpit with my daughter Charlotte. Shes been on at me for ages to take her fishing and the pool in question has a good stock of small Carp and silvers so action was guaranteed.
The heavens opened just as we made our first casts and within minutes the great British weather was throwing everything it had at us! Thunder, lightning and torrential rain battered us as we sheltered under a little nylon brolly. I couldnt believe it, i was expecting a nice easy afternoon of sitting in the sun catching 3-4lb Carp on bits of floating bread! I was tempted to pack up but it soon started to brighten up and with all the fish showing it wouldve been rude not to stay and catch some of them!
It didnt take long to start getting a few, they werent interested in floaters but maggots fished shallow with freebies sprayed over the top at regular intervals brought us a string of fish, mostly rudd and skimmers. I put out a pellet on a method feeder along the margins and this was soon rattling off as the resident Carp took an interest.
We stayed around 4 hours and had a decent bag of fish by the end of it. Charlotte certainly enjoyed herself even though she struggled with casting and striking a bit . She wants to know when were going again anyway so the weather obviously never put her off at least!

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  1. How Cool is that Leo, All that weather rain thunder and lightning and charlotte still wants to go again, Tell her well done from me and every other fisherman, Great picture,