Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hotting up

Wednesday 29th June

Todays trip was a fairly spur of the moment affair, i had a few jobs to do after work and once these were done, i got home, had some dinner and sat down with nothing to do other than watch the wifes Soaps. Sod that ill head up the river for a couple of hours i thought, so i did.
I headed to the Derwent cos the Trent weed was starting to get bad again and i was setup and fishing for about 7ish. I had a couple of good pulls early on but no hookups but i kept trickling feed in and soon connected with a nice Chub of around 4lb or so. The 30lb braid took no prisoners and subdued the fish in no time.

Despite stopping till dark i had no more action other than another couple of bangs on the tip. The river seemed to have risen slightly whilst i was there cos the flow was noticeably quicker and there was weed drifting down too, strange because weve had no rain really.

Saturday 2nd July

I woke up Saturday morning with no intention of fishing till the evening, however it was really sunny outside and a shame to stay indoors so i managed to get a morning pass for a walk along the Trent with the lure rod. I headed to an area well off the beaten track which i fancied having a look at with a view to some future Barbel sessions.
The fishing started quite slowly which wasnt surprising considering the bright conditions and all i could muster in the first hour was a tiny perch with eyes bigger than its belly!

I did have a spectacular strike from a lovely double figure Pike on a 6inch Freestyler and it led me a merry dance until its tailwalking enabled it to shed the hook. After that i had a good look around at some swims, dropping in the odd spot with no success. I spotted some nice Carp in one area and made a mental note to return and have a bash for them at some point.
All the spots id tried so far had been slacker areas and seeing as id had little success i tried a much faster, shallower swim in a bid to maybe tempt a chub. First put in and the spinner got hit by a slightly better Perch.

Maybe i was onto something i thought and after no more pulls there i sought to find some more similar swims. I had a couple of follows in my next couple of spots but no hookups. I switched from the Mepps to a Sandra in an attempt to keep the bait down near the bottom in the quicker flow. The lure was absolutely smashed on my first cast with it and i was pleased to find myself connected to a proper Perch. At 3lb5oz it was the biggest id ever had from the Trent and it well and truly made my morning.

It wasnt until id put the fish back that i realised id moved the dial on the top of the camera to a different setting by accident which is why the photos above are so rubbish colourwise not to mention the fishes tail was curled around on the bottom pic too. The graffiti on a nearby bridge said it all ..........

I was on a real high from that last capture but my day wasnt done yet and in the very next spot i tried i latched into another good fish. This one went 3lb1oz on the scales leaving me gobsmacked. Ive fished the Trent many times for Perch and never had a three yet on this trip id had two in 10minutes!

The sun was now out in full force and was really starting to burn so, pleased with what id already had i headed back to the car. As i did so i decided to have a cast into one last swim. After a couple of casts i was just about to lift the lure out of the water when a large Perch rose out of the depths and inhaled the lure right before my eyes. This one scrapped like hell and after netting i thought it might even provide me with a hat-trick of threes. It wasnt to be on this occasion though but at 2lb8oz i wasnt disappointed, not one little bit.

That rounded off a very enjoyable session and i headed home for some lunch making plans for an evening of Barbelling ...........

After spending the afternoon in the garden with the kids and then having some dinner, i made my way to the Derwent for the evening. I only had minimum kit with me cos the area i intended to fish was a real hike from the carpark but it wasnt too long before i got setup.
I didnt have to wait long for a pickup, about ten minutes to be precise! The tip walloped over and the braid sang in the rod rings. I played the fish hard to stop it getting into a nearby snag and soon enough the fish was netted. At 8lb8oz it was a good start.

After that i moved on and found a nice spot with some deep water and a heavy current going under some nearbank bushes, it looked nailed on for a Barbel.  I needed 5oz of lead to hold bottom but i was confident of some action. After a while i had a bite and connected with a powerful fish which shot upstream and the hook pulled. I recast and had a repeat performance almost straight away. I was a bitted gutted at losing two on the bounce but that was put to rest about half an hour later when i landed a right battered old warrior of a Chub which went 5lb1oz, the best of the season so far!

By now the light was beginning to fade so i quickly headed for another spot i had in mind. By the time i got cast in it was nearly dark and i was struck by the sheer numbers of small fish that were showing. Cormorants have given the river a proper going over in recent years so it was nice to see lots of small fish still present in there. A fast take soon had my mind back on the job at hand and i found myself doing battle in the pitch black. The fish repeatedly weeded me up but after a few hectic moments rummaging for the net and head torch with one hand whilst holding on for grim death with the other, the fish was safely banked. It went 9lb4oz and brought a great days fishing to a happy end.


  1. Bloody hell Leo, I'd be happy with that lot in about 5 or 6 sessions.
    Top rodding again mate.

  2. Lol, cheers Lee! yes it was a good day, the best ive had in a long time, i couldnt seem to put a foot wrong! The weather conditions were awful for fishing yet they seemed to be really having it.

  3. What a cracking day Leo, sure you'll remember that one for a while.

  4. Great write up and photos, they look alright with that colour contrast.

  5. Thanks Fellas,much appreciated!

    Ive always struggled with self-takes and considering 90% of my fishing is on my own in fairly remote areas they are a neccessary evil unfortunately. They dont look too bad but im still trying to find the right formula for different light conditions. When a fish is on the bank though its all a bit hurried!

  6. Quality angling Leo and I quite like the colour differences! Amazing Perch catch!!

  7. There are some cracking fish in that post Leo, well fished.

  8. That's some perch. I love catching them on lures.