Monday, 13 September 2010

Nothing to report

Sunday 12th September

I had a pretty poor weekends fishing this week although it wasnt for lack of trying. On Friday i found myself on the banks of the Trent with the Barbel rods cast into its murky depths. I tried a couple of spots including the ones i recce'd last weekend and caught nothing more than a tiny Chub of about a pound. I stopped into dark and then the rain started proper so i headed for home.

Sunday arrived and after hearing from a mate about the condition of the Dove and it not being great for Perch fishing i decided to head for the Trent in pursuit of Zander. Ill be honest, the river looked cock-on for a Zed, carrying a few inches with a nice tinge of colour. Small fish were topping and i settled down ready for some rod bending action.

Three hours later i was still waiting for a bite, by now it was getting dark and i was getting worried about the possibility of a blank. Suddenly the downstream started banging violently and i ran down the bank to hit it only to result in a big fat nothing. Oh well at least something was feeding i thought, unfortunately the bait it robbed must've filled it up cos no more runs were forthcoming and i packed up fishless.

Im experiencing a real lull at the moment with my fishing and i cant fathom out why. Others seem to be getting a few, do i need to try harder? a change of venue? i dont know. I do know however that my favourite time of the year is fast approaching and hopefully some decent kippers will come with it, fingers crossed it cant get much slower!

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